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We offer a free, no obligation, consultation & quote service, visiting your home with our in-house selection. If you prefer, you can supply the wooden flooring and we will simply fit it for you.



Once your wood choice has been decided and ordered it can be delivered to us or your own home. In the case of larger quantities, especially in the case of solid wood, it is delivered to your home and left to acclimatise.


Terms & Conditions

50% of the quote is payable in advance prior to ordering and installation.


Any additional requests during the work will be added and included to the final invoice.


A cancellation restocking fee of 25% applies if your order has already been processed.


The remaining outstanding amount is payable on completion of the work.


All goods remain the property of Wooden Floor Solutions Ltd until paid for in full.


Invoices must be settled within 7 days of receipt. Invoices not paid within 7 days will be subject to interest charged daily at an annual rate of 10% above the UK base rate until all outstanding balances and interest are paid.


We accept payment by bank transfer, cheque (made payable to Wooden Floor Solutions Ltd or WFS Ltd) or cash.


Care & Maintenance


General Care

The level of care for your wooden floor will depend on many factors from dirty or wet shoes, climatic conditions, doorways, entrances to mishaps & spillages. Whichever it may be, prevention is always better than cure. Wooden floors are easy and simple to care for with regular general cleaning.


These tips and rules will help lengthen to life of your floor:-

  • Matting at a main entrance will prolong the appearance and life of the floor & is highly effective at removing moisture & fine grit which will dull & scratch helping moisture & stains to ingress.
  • Loose dirt & sand should be swept, mopped or vacuumed immediately.
  • Normal dirt can be wiped off with a well wrung out damp cloth following the grain of the wood.
  • Attach felt gliders to all furniture to avoid unnecessary marks or scratches.



Your floor should be vacuumed or dry mopped daily, using a flat head mop or broom. This will remove any abrasive particles of grit and dirt, especially under mats, helping prevent excessive scratching of the surface. Once any dust & dirt has been removed, if necessary, any remaining stains or marks can be removed using the telescopic mop and a small amount of spray cleaner but the floor must not receive excessive moisture, especially during the first few weeks after being oiled. Regular cleaning prevents the dirt sticking to your wooden floor.


Stain & Mark Removal

Any marks should be removed immediately using the provided cleaning agent. However if this does not work, the following products can be used with a green nylon pad. Always do a test patch first in a hidden area. Once the mark has been removed apply a tiny dab of liquid wax care to a soft cloth and wipe over and leave to dry for 30 minutes


Marks from:

Removed Using:

Shoe polish, soot, rubber, tar or chocolate or fat residues White spirit, benzene or similar
Wax Crayons, lipstick or felt tip pens White spirit
Candle wax or chewing gum Coolant spray or place a plastic bag filled with ice cubes on the mark and then scrape off carefully
Blood Cold water


Please Note:

Once your floor is installed you must keep the humidity in the room at between 40% and 60% consistently throughout the year. Excessive humidity will cause your floor to swell and cup, too dry and your floor will shrink causing gaps and splitting. To avoid these problems use a humidifier or dehumidifier to keep the correct balance of 40% - 60% humidity.

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